Why Solar?

Why you should consider moving over to Solar?

You may of heard conflicting stories as to whether converting to Solar is really going to save you on your energy costs.

If your solar system is well designed, has quality components and is installed properly... then it will not only save you on your costs but it can also increase the longevity of your electrical / electronic appliances

  1. With proper advice, installation and management, it will save you money
  2. It is a great investment- probably one of your best and most certain investment with returns starting from 20%- where else can you get this guaranteed return in the current market?
  3. In most cases, it is much cheaper and reliable than connecting to town power if you live on a property, as well as the ongoing savings
  4. You will have power security during extended emergency events (fire, cyclone, storms and other natural disasters) Blackouts will not affect you
  5. It gives you better quality power ensuring your expensive electronic ad electrical equipment lasts its expected life or longer (electronic parts don’t wear out , they burn out)
  6. It reduces your carbon footprint so that you are doing your bit for the environment. You can brag to your mates
  7. For investment properties It can increase the uptake of your rental property, making it more attractive to potential renters. You can also charge a bit more for rent.
  8. It will increase the value of your property, be it house caravan, boat or similar.
  9. It helps to protect you from volatile electricity price rises.
  10. It can help keep your house, caravan, boat or shed cooler (taking the heat load off your roof)
  11. Done right, you can get a loan; after servicing loan and paying a new reduced electricity bill it will still be cheaper than the original bill you had without solar system.
  12. There are various government subsidies available to which you could be eligible. Just ask us!
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