Solar Services

Carbon Friendly Energy are dedicated to making your place a better place to live!

We believe that tailoring a solar and energy solution to your individual needs, means a smarter, cleaner, more efficient result, while reducing waste, impact and cost.

Carbon Friendly Energy consists of 3 main divisions:

  • Consultancy  – Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy, Auditing and Energy Purchasing.
  • Procurement –  supply of Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Energy Storage Systems and Products
  • Project Delivery – Energy Engineering and Electrical Operational Works Division

Our Internationally Certified Energy Managers, Energy Engineers and Consultancy Team consist of Thought Leaders and Innovators that have over a century of combined experience in industries such as Government Infrastructure, Utilities, Power Stations, Food, Manufacturing, Transport, Construction, Commercial, Industrial and Mining.

Our Solar and Energy Services Include:

  • Supply of high quality solar equipment and batteries
  • Site energy efficiency auditing to Australian standards (Level 1, 2 & 3)
  • Real-time monitoring and load profiling service
  • Peak load demand shaving and mitigation
  • Assistance with finance, grants and funding
  • Energy efficiency consultancy and procurement of energy efficiency and renewable energy products
  • Solar Farm EPC & Energy storage
  • Power quality conditioning
  • Post-installation maintenance
  • Energy engineering design
  • Boosting sustainability
  • Strengthening client social licence to operate
CFE individual accreditations
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