Peak Power Pack

Victron Energy - Peak Power Pack

Peak Power Pack

Portable, combined lithium storage & charger, Available in many sizes to suit your needs.

  • Remote power on and off using your smart phone, tablet or PC.
  • Perfect for Camping, or other mobile activities requiring a portable 12V power source.
  • Combined Lithium Storage & Versatile Charger – accepting power from Solar, Mains OR Vehicle sources, so you can always charge the battery.
  • Robust, Long-life design; using Ultra-safe LiFePo4 Cells.
  • Much Lighter than lead acid with 5 times the capacity
  • Lithium batteries will give you over 2,500 cycles to 80% depth of discharge at 25°C, many more than lead.
  • LiFePO4 chemistry is considered the safest of them all, and highly resistant to vibration.
    The round-trip energy efficiency of a Lithium battery is 92%}
  • Low Self-discharge – can be stored charged for up to a year.
  • 150A , 30A rms outputs, 7A Charge input
  • Available in 8ah, 20ah, 30ah, 40ah variants (sizes)
  • Your investment will be safe; with Overload, Temperature, Excessive Discharge & Short-Circuit protection Built-in.


PPP 12.8V 30Ah 384Wh


Datasheet Peak Power Pack

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