Top 10 Questions To Ask To Find A Quality And Reliable Solar Installer

Carbon Friendly Enterprises Top 10 Questions to ask to find a quality and reliable Solar Installer

A recent audit of residential solar PV (photovoltaic) systems by the Clean Energy Regulator reveals that over 20% of the installations were unsafe including faulty wiring and unsecured solar panels.

The results of this audit led the Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor to highlight the severity of the issue and warns about the safety of this rapidly growing industry.

At the same time, CHOICE released its Solar Survey Results of over 1,000 CHOICE members online. CHOICE members reveal that smaller, independent solar providers deliver a much more reliable service than for example Origin Energy.

Surprisingly, over one-third of respondents have had problems with their system, mainly inverter problems and decline in performance, installation problems and panel, framing & mounting problems.

However, most issues with the panels were uncovered two to nine years after the installation date.

Overall, the respondents confirm that finding a quality, reliable solar supplier or installer is key to getting a quality system at the right price, with good after-sales support.

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And here are our top 10 Questions to ask to find a quality and reliable Solar Installer

  1. What is the suitable system size for my home? (Is it matched by my energy demand?)
  2. Do you visit and assess my home site before installing the system? (This shows how professional the solar installer is and might improve the quality of the installation)
  3. Are you providing an installation work plan (e.g. roof plan, timeframe)? (Being organized might save you time and money)
  4. Do you provide solar maintenance services post-installation? (Keep track of the system performances)
  5. Will the system be inspected by a third party to ensure it is installed up-to standards? (Ensure that the system is installed to Australian Safety Standards)
  6. What is the payback time of the solar PV system? (When will I start earning money?)
  7. Can I receive the overall costs in writing (Ensure you understand all related system costs and that there are no hidden surprises)
  8. Will my solar system only be installed by a CEC approved solar installer? (This is a mandatory requirement in Australia)
  9. What are the pro’s and con’s of different solar and inverter brands? (Understand what is the value for money)
  10. How many Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs also called STCs) will I receive and what is their market price? (This is Government Legislation and if you sign the STC’s over to your solar supplier, this should be deducted from the total system price)
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