Redflow Battery Storage Systems (ZCells)

Carbon Friendly Enterprises Redflow Battery Storage Systems ZCells

Carbon Friendly Enterprises (CFE) General Manager & Principal Energy Manager Jemal Solo and Project Director and Principal Engineer Zim Solo have successfully completed a two-day training program delivering a comprehensive understanding of Redflow’s Battery and the Redflow Battery Management System (BMS).

This training program is a full hands-on course for both installers and system designers, which covered all aspects of the battery including installation and configuration.

The main advantages of ZCells battery storage systems compared to other batteries are:

  • Delivery of 100% cycle depth of discharge without any risk of battery damage
  • Zero loss of storage capacity for its 10-year warranted life
  • Very low fire and explosion risk due a bromide-based electrolyte being a fire retardant
  • Operates at high temperatures (up to 50°C) without active cooling

If you are looking to install a domestic or commercial-size battery system, please get in contact with Jemal on 07 4955 6441 or Zim on 0403 227 543 to ensure you are taken care of by a highly disciplined certified team of engineering professionals.

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