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About Carbon Friendly Energy

Are you looking for a Energy and Solar Company that looks after your interests?

At Carbon Friendly Energy, we ensure you have the right High Level Advice and the Right Gear for your job, without confusion or fuss!

Solar and associated systems are not "one size fits all" and there are so many inferior products on the market.

At Carbon Friendly Energy, our aim is to make the entire process and experience easy for you. We listen to what you have to say about your requirements, what your ideal end result is and work together with you towards that end.

As a company with over 10 years in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency industries at an engineering level we have seen so many manufacturers, suppliers and installers come and go.

This has allowed us to support you with great industry insight and overview, seeing things that others do not or are simply unaware of.

It is so important you get the right advice upfront, high quality products and ensure they are installed to or above the standard. Our experience has proven, time and again, that This approach eliminates 99% of your problems right from the start.

The Carbon Friendly Energy team is the team you have been looking for.

As an Australian family owned and run business, we know what a large investment this is for you, how important it is to ensure it is a good investment and that it continues to give great returns and perform for you year in year out.

For peace of mind and well-being, you need to ensure your system is designed right for you, this provides the security and confidence your system performs how and when you need it to.

When we started Carbon Friendly Energy, our aim is not to sell you a solar system, or just provide a service but do it in such a way that your benefit is always a priority, you needs are met and you get reliable dependable systems and products.

That resolve has only grown stronger over time and continues to ensure success in every product we sell and every project we do, ensuring your well-being and trust in us is well placed.

CFE individual accreditations
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